GLT Family Reunion
July 19, 2012
4 years, 11 months and 8 days since
our Reunion.

Welcome to the Green/Ledbetter/Taylor Family page.  You'll notice that the background has changed.  It has musical instruments--some of that is because we are really a musical family, but mainly because it is called Harmony and that's the kind of relationship we have in our family.  God has so blessed us to be a harmonious family with many gifts for ministry in the world.
Here, you'll find information about our family and about any upcoming events in the life of our family.
So come back often to see what's happening in our family. 
Please register so we'll all have each other's info and also so your birthday will automatically show up on the Calendar.
Please contact us and send us your videos, pictures and stories.  Notice that we are building our photo albums and we are in need of pictures  If you see someone missing in the albums, feel free to upload your photo or snail mail it to cousin Frankye or cousin Michelle. 
Our site is about five years old and we are updating it now, so anyone with ideas about what you want here, please contact Frankye.
To those of you just visiting our page--we welcome you here and hope you will enjoy getting to know our family--we are so proud of it!

Here's our matriarch, Annie Green Ledbetter Taylor, known simply as Momma.

Updated 07-2013



2014 Reunion

Kansas City

Hosted by: Descendants of Doretha Ledbetter Green

                                     Stay tuned for more information!
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