Please find below some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and tips to help you as you prepare to attend the family reunion. As we receive additional questions, this page will be updated with new questions and answers for everyone, so we invite you to return to the page.  Thanks.

1.  How are we all connected?

Our reunions celebrate the lineage of Mrs. Annie Green Ledbetter Taylor (Mama).  Mama's maiden name was Green; her parents were Rev. Taylor R. and Mrs. Mary (Richards) Green.  Miss Annie Green married Mr. Luther Ledbetter.  After Mr. Ledbetter's passing, Mama married Mr. Burl Taylor

Mama had five children, Doretha, Jerome, Demetrice, Marjorie, and Alveretta.  Mama was a prayer warrior who faithfully prayed for all of her lineage even those she knew she would never meet on earth.  So whether you are here by birth, marriage, adoption, acceptance, or whatever you care to call it, you are GLT!!  She prayed for YOU ... that is our connection!

2.   What is the history of our family reunions?

In 1986, Mama's youngest child, Alveretta contacted her older sisters Doretha and Marjorie to ask for their help in creating the first GLT reunion.

You see, Mama Taylor, who lived with Alveretta and her family, had always told Alveretta about her dream of creating a formal family reunion.  So, her youngest child set out to fulfill her late mother's wish and contacted her only remaining living siblings, her older sisters Marjorie and Doretha who worked quickly to support the effort. Their collective goal was to ensure future generations formally gathered at regular intervals to celebrate our rich heritage.

As God would have it, just over six months after creating our family's beloved GLT reunions, Alveretta passed away unexpectedly.  We see her initiation of our GLT reunions as one of her many beautiful legacies of family.

3.  Why do we return to northeast Oklahoma at least once a decade?

Within our first few years of gathering, the GLT family elders voted to always return to our family's home base in northeast Oklahoma/Muskogee at least once every ten (10) years so that future generations would always know the rich history of our beloved family and have the opportunity to visit old sites, family cemeteries, etc.

4.  Is it coincidence that we use royal blue in our colors when we gather in Oklahoma?

The color scheme the three sisters chose featured royal blue which symbolizes sophistication and royalty. This is the reason that although we use a diverse color palette at our reunions, we always go back to our roots at least once a decade and feature royal blue in the region where our beloved reunions began.

5.   Is the "Green" in our reunion name associated with Doretha Ledbetter Green's husband?

Mama Taylor's eldest daughter, Doretha later married into another Green family when she married Rev. L.E. Green, but that is not the Green associated with our family reunion title. (Interesting fact: Rev. L.E. Green moved his young family from Muskogee to Topeka when he relocated to pastor True Vine Missionary Baptist Church, a church where we have worshipped as a family at past GLT reunions, weddings, celebrations of life, etc).

6.   What do you anticipate the weather will be like? 

July temperatures in Oklahoma tend to be hot so please plan accordingly.  That is also the reason active outdoor activities are planned as soon as venues open in the morning.

7.  What is the preferred attire for events?
  • Thursday Fish Fry - Come as you are, and remember there is a splash pad for kids ...
  • Friday Gathering Place Park - Cool clothing AND comfortable shoes (lots of walking)
  • Friday Banquet - Dressy & Chic
  • Saturday Greenwood District Tours & BBQ lunch- Commemorative T-Shirt and comfortable attire. 
  • Sunday - DCBC worship attire is now more casual, so feel free to wear sundesses, linen, denim, etc.  They indicated the majority of worshippers dress casually, but some elders still wear their Sunday best (UPDATED)
* Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended during the day.

8.  Tell us more about our hotel ...

As your host family, several of us stayed at the hotel one weekend because we like to make sure we've tested locations in advance of our reunions.

Practically speaking ...
  • Our hotel is located in a vibrant downtown area so there is live music outside of the hotel at times.  None of us had an issue but if you are a very light sleeper and this may bother you, you may request a room facing the back of the hotel. 
  • The parking garage is a city garage and it can be tight to manuever turns, so this is not the time to try to park a van if you aren't accustomed to driving a large car.  There is a covered ground level and a larger rooftop parking area. 
  • Tulsa is a smaller city, but it is still a city.  Children should always be accompanied, and adults should be in groups and always be aware of surroundings.
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites is a Marriott brand so if you want to use a Mobile Key for your room and open the doors with your phone, etc, feel free to download the Marriott Bonvoy app to your phone by going to your App Store.

9.  I like to coordinate.  What color are our t-shirts this year?

This year's shirt is royal blue with white imprint.

10.  Are all venues accessible? 

The hotel, parks and other venues are accessible.  In fact, if you need an accessible hotel room, you can book it once you select your room type via the custom GLT Marriott link on our "Hotel Information" page. 

Please note that The Gathering Place Park and Tulsa's Greenwood District tours involve a lot of walking/standing. 

11.  Can you refer us to a place to rent a mobility scooter for the weekend?

Based on your requests during our family reunion preview call, we have negotiated a special GLT Weekend rate of $130 plus tax for Pride Elite Traveler 4-wheel scooters. The scooters break down into three parts and weigh 32 lbs. Scooters have a 300 lb weight capacity.  You must reserve your scooter by calling T-Town Mobility at 918-600-2112 to pay for it no later than June 1 to guarantee availability.  Your payment is refundable if canceled up to two days before the event. 

The scooters will be delivered to the hotel on Thursday and picked up on Monday.  Those renting scooters will need to store and charge them in their hotel rooms throughout the weekend and are responsible for their care.

12. Is a permit required to fish at O'Brien Park? 

No, per your request during our Reunion Preview call, we have confirmed with the park that no permit is required to fish in their ponds.  So, feel free to bring your gear.

13.  Are we putting our offerings together for a special offering to our family's home church, Dean's Chapel Baptist Church and its retiring pastor?

We don't typically do this but because we are returning to worship together at the family's home church in Muskogee, Dean’s Chapel we have decided to combine our offering so that our elders might present a special GLT offering to the church on Sunday. 

DCBC has undergone major renovations and our Cousin Clinton has encouraged us to make a significant donation in honor of Mama Taylor, our matriarch.  Mama Taylor was a Mother of the church and all of her children and most grandchildren, were members at one point in their lives. 

 This church has been pivotal in our family, always serving as home base even when people moved away and became active in their own local church.  We are taking up two offerings…

1.  On Sunday, our family elders will present a special offering to the church.  We are asking all family members to give whatever you can.  Currently, we have raised $8,000. 

 2. Rev. Don Dumas is retiring this year after more than 40 years at DCBC.  He will attend our family banquet in Tulsa and we would like to present him with a special gift.  Currently, we have raised $500.

You may send CashApp or Zelle or a check via mail per instructions on the "GLT Gear & Payments" tab,

Interesting facts:  Marjorie taught Sunday School at the church for 50 years and Alveretta was the church clerk.  Likewise, Doretha's husband, Rev. LE Green accepted the call for ministry at DCBC before moving his family to Topeka where he was installed as pastor at True Vine MBC. In addition, our musically-talented GLT family from Topeka would regularly visit DCBC and headline as musical guests for worship services.  In 2023, some GLT family members remain active members of DCBC.

14.  Can you tell us more about O'Brien Park, The Gathering Place Park, Mother Road Market and the Greenwood District?

O'Brien Park is the local park we have chosen for our opening events - great food, great fellowship, great fun.  The only downside is that Tulsa parks close at 8pm.  So, try to get there to enjoy our kick-off event.


The Gathering Place Park is a massive 100 acre park with something for everyone.  Click the link below for more information about the park. 


Note that Friday's lunch is the only meal not included in your registration fee. Following our visit to The Gathering Place Park, we will meet up at Mother Road Market, a cool concept that houses a variety of restaurant pop-ups in a single location.  The food is delicious and we truly believe there is something for everyone to enjoy there.  See the link below. 

Likewise, if you choose to stay at the park instead, menus from the park's Patio Grill and Redbud Cafe are posted toward the bottom of this page for your convenience. Finally, you may bring your own lunch into the park if you choose.


The Greenwood District (aka Black Wall Street) boasts a wealth of history and inspiration.  Below you can learn more about the primary museum we will tour.


The Gathering Place menus are below ...